Remove Power Steering Pump Pulley without Puller

Modern vehicles have been engineered with a power steering system that does not require you to use a lot of effort to steer the car. This is possible because of the power steering pump, which operates via the engine through a device that uses a belt and a pulley.

The power steering pulley can become faulty, and the only way to fix it is by removing and replacing it.

But how can you remove the power steering pump without a pulley?

An easy way to remove the power steering pulley without any tool is by removing the screws that reinforce the pulley. After extracting the screws, insert them in the holes found in the pulley. When you tighten the screws, you will notice that the screws will bottom out against the pulley and loosen it.

What is a Power Steering Pump Pulley?

It is a tool helpful in driving a power steering pump on an automobile or truck. It is usually made of aluminum or steel.

The power steering pulley can be powered by either a serpentine belt or a v-type belt. Either way, the pulley is designed to withstand faster speed than the engine.

Considering how the pulleys are designed, they are susceptible to wearing and breakage.

If the belt does not get enough tension from the pulley to keep it stretched, it will slip off and fail to drive the pump.

This will make your vehicle lose its steering power and is characterized by an extreme vibration on the steering wheel when your car is idling.

Is it Possible to Remove the Power Steering Pump Pulley Without a Puller?

The power steering pulley requires a specific tool to remove and replace the pulley from the pump. However, you may miss the puller when you need it the most, and you have to use an alternative method to remove the pulley.


Removing the pulley without a puller is risky and can bend or break your pulley.

This article will explain how to remove the power steering pulley without a puller.

 How to Remove a Pulley Without a Puller?

The possibility of removing a pulley without a puller depends on the type of pulley you are working with.

Follow these steps to remove a pulley without a puller successfully.

You have to remove the significant drive pulley before reinstalling it. Reinstalling the pulley properly means that it perfectly fits the input shaft to ensure that the inner pump is efficient.

When the pump and the inner shaft are installed correctly, the engine can transfer power from the belt to the power steering pump pulley.

  1. The first step is to remove the power steering pulley bolt by utilizing an impact tool. An alternative method of removing the bolt is using a wrench, which unbolts it when turned counterclockwise.
  2. If you opt for a wrench or screwdriver to remove the bolts and screws holding the pulley in place, insert the screws in the other pulley holes. When you look at your pulley, you will find two or three extra holes, and that is where you should insert the screws.
  3. After inserting the screws into the extra holes, tighten them using a screwdriver.
  4. When you tighten the screws, they push against the pulley, and as this happens, the pulley will loosen itself.

Removing Power Steering Pump Pulley With a Puller

Firstly, you need to ensure enough space to maneuver in front of the steering pump. Depending on how your engine is placed, determine whether you can remove the pulley when the steering pump is connected to the engine or if you will have to remove it.

The tools necessary to conduct this task include a power screwdriver, installer toolkit, puller, and other essential tools.

  1. Connect the threaded bolt with the small lug below it. You will find the threaded bolt at the top left of the box. Then, use the two ring halves together with the threaded nut located at the bottom left of the box.
  2. At this step, you have a nut attached to a bolt, and you should thread it to the pulley so that the two halves hold on to both the pulley and the nut. Doing this will connect them and allow you to remove the pulley.
  3. Then, slide the cover of the ring on top to hold all the parts in place.
  4. Use an appropriate wrench (the one recommended should be a 13/16″ wrench) to hold the nut and ensure it does not spin.
  5. The back of the bolt has been designed to accommodate a socket. Use an electric power wrench or a manual socket wrench to remove the pulley by extracting it from the power steering pump.

An electric power wrench requires more space to maneuver, and you might get away with extracting the pulley from the engine bay when using a ratcheting wrench.

 Attaching Power Steering Pump Pulley with a Puller

Reinstalling the pulley may be challenging, but if you follow these steps, you should be able to pull it off.

  1. Use the right size of the threaded bolt that matches the steering pump hole.
  2. Thread the steering pump whole for a few rounds and mount it with the thick disassembly bolt.
  3. Place the pulley over the bolt and ensure it is facing the right direction.
  4. Place the washers in the nut, starting from the bigger one, followed by the smaller one, then thread it forward.
  5. Rotate the nut manually while using a wrench and ensure that you apply some pressure on the pulley to prevent it from moving. Note that at this point, you are doing the disassembly step in reverse, and you should hold down the bolt using the socket wrench.
  6. Make sure you work patiently and check the gap to determine your progress. If you get to the end of the thread, remove the bolts and attach just one you used for disassembly.

Then, slide the washers back in, the nut, and move on with the wrench.

  1. Be sure to check the alignment of the pulley and if it is correct, proceed to attach the serpentine belt.

How Do You Put a Pulley on A Power Steering Pump Without The Tool?

Tools are necessary when installing car parts. However, you should know how to install them without tools for emergencies. To put a pulley on a power steering pump, you need a socket, hammer, and penetrating oil.

It would be best to be careful while using this method because it could potentially damage your pulley. Here are the steps to install the pulley without tools.

  1. Use the penetrating oil to lubricate the steering pump shaft and the pulley.
  2. Ensure the shaft is held to the floor while the pulley stays on top of the shaft.
  3. Gently hit the pulley with a hammer to make it squared and started.
  4. After a couple of gentle hits with the hammer, the shaft should be able to slide into the pulley. Assist the shaft with a socket to minimize the pressure and prevent damage to the pulley.
  5. Ensure that the pump stays pressed to the ground as you do the pounding. The principle of this step is that all the shock force will be dispersed into the ground while the casing is stiffening.

So, if you don’t want to use a hammer, you can use a screw and a few nuts as a substitute. You can put the nuts on the screws first and then place the washers before putting the pulley on the shafts. After that, insert it into the pump shaft and insert the nut, screws, and bolts.

 How Do You Remove a Power Steering Pulley Without a Puller?

You can remove the power steering pulley without a tool by extracting the screws that hold the pulley. You should then insert the removed screws into the holes found in the pulley. Tighten the screws and notice that the screws will bottom out against the pulley to push the pulley loose.

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