CV Axle Not Seated Properly Symptoms

Cv Axle Not Seated Properly Symptoms

As we hit the road, blissfully unaware of the intricate mechanisms working tirelessly beneath our vehicles, the drivetrain’s constant rotation and power transfer are crucial in ensuring a smooth ride. One of the essential components responsible for this seamless operation is the CV (Constant Velocity) axle. Acting as the connection between the transmission and the … Read more

How To Bypass EVAP Canister (Evaporative Canister Delete)

How To Bypass EVAP Canister (Evaporative Canister Delete)

Automobiles have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering convenience, mobility, and freedom. However, as technology advances, so does the complexity of the systems that make these vehicles run efficiently. One such system is the Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system, designed to reduce harmful fuel vapor emissions. Within the EVAP system, the EVAP … Read more

Check Engine Light Flashing When Accelerating (Causes and Fixes)

check engine light flashing when accelerating

The check engine light is an essential indicator in your vehicle’s dashboard. It serves as a warning system to alert you when there is a potential engine or emissions system issue. When the check engine light illuminates, it means that the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system (OBD-II) has detected a problem. This system continuously monitors various … Read more

How Long Does Coolant Last In A Car?

how long does coolant last in a car.

Antifreeze, commonly called coolant, is a bright yellow or green liquid that prevents the cooling system from overheating or chilling when combined with the water in the car, truck, or other vehicle. With the addition of additives, coolant, typically comprised of water and antifreeze, can possess several properties that enhance its performance. For instance, a … Read more

Car Shakes When Starting, Then Runs Fine: 10 Reasons

car shakes when starting then runs fine after

When cars shake, it often begins subtly and then worsens. If you have ever encountered this troubling occurrence, you are not alone. Many car owners have experienced a similar circumstance: their vehicle shakes during the initial engine startup but regains its stability once the engine reaches a constant rhythm. While this transient vibration can be … Read more

Fuel Injector Stuck Open Symptoms (SOLVED!!!)

an image showing a mechanic displaying a clogged fuel injector

Fuel injectors are a crucial component of an automobile’s engine, providing fuel optimally to guarantee efficient and clean combustion. Gasoline injectors squirt fuel into an automobile’s engine using computer-controlled valves that may open and close many times per second. They are equipped with an atomizing nozzle that uniformly distributes gasoline or diesel for optimal combustion … Read more

Will a Car Start with No Oil? Avoid This Mistake

an image showing yellow car overheating

Oil plays a crucial role in the proper operation of an engine. Low or too much oil and lack of adequate maintenance and care can significantly affect your car’s performance. This is because engines generate heat as a result of friction created by moving parts. Without oil, the cast iron and the aluminum part of … Read more

Which Engine Component Stores Oil for Lubrication?

an image showing a mechanic inspecting the oil pan in a car

Engine oil plays an integral part in the smooth running of an engine. It lubricates the engine by circulating oil through the engine components. However, when the engine is not running, the oil is collected in the oil pan until the next ignition, when the oil begins circulating through the various components. The oil pan … Read more

How Much Oil Can A Bad PCV Valve Burn? The CORRECT ANSWER!

an image of mechanic inspecting the PCV Valve

You’ve probably noticed that your car is consuming more oil than normal. Well, a bad PCV valve can cause your engine to burn oil. This is because the PCV valve allows oil vapors to escape from the crankcase, and if it’s not working properly, those vapors can be drawn into the combustion chamber, where they … Read more

Cylinder 1 Misfire Repair Cost? (Causes and Repair Costs)

Causes of Cylinder 1 Misfire

The sudden presence of a check engine light on a vehicle’s dashboard is one of the most irritating occurrences for vehicle owners. Many believe that this indicates an imminent breakdown or total mechanical failure. Even as easy as it appears, failure to check for cylinder misfire might result in costly repairs in the long run. … Read more