Top 11 Worst Oil Filter Brands to Avoid & ALTERNATIVES!

Learning the oil filter brands to avoid is as important as selecting your car’s best oil filter brands. A bad filter will clog up your engine with contaminants and can result to costly engine repairs.

An oil filter is designed to keep oil clean and free from any solid waste or dust that would otherwise harm the engine.

The absence of an oil filter would mean that all the particles, dust, and contaminants will wear out your engine leading to a malfunction. In other words, oil filters play a crucial role in ensuring the proper function of engines.

Most vehicle owners choose oil filters based solely on pricing; however, the wrong brand may have a more negative impact than they realize.

As a car owner, you ought to be aware of the importance of selecting the best oil filters for your car.

I have outlined several oil filter brands to avoid and a detailed guide to help you determine what to look for when selecting a filter for your vehicle.

How To Spot Bad Oil Filters?

  • User reviews are among the most effective ways to get information about a product. In the case of the oil filters, you should sort by “new” and search for reviews that suggest a faulty batch or a decrease in quality control.

Oil Filter Brands to Avoid

1. Fram

Fram is one of the popular oil filter brands in the automotive industry. It is well-known for its affordable filters, usually found at any local auto parts store, and gains popularity from its intense marketing strategies.

Fram is also famous as one of the worst oil filter brands, with many negative reviews from users and automotive experts. For example, their oil filters are widely criticized for having a poor structure that is susceptible to dirt.

Now let’s look at some of the reasons why Fram oil filters appear in the list of oil filter brands to avoid.

Fram sells faulty oil filters. This is pretty harmful since a faulty oil filter directly allows dirt to enter your engine. And in a matter of days, your engine could take a major hit, resulting in costly repairs.

Earlier oil filters didn’t have a drain back valve. The purpose of the valve is to prevent oil from flowing backward. The use of such filters leads to a dry start, which causes friction, thus affecting the general performance of an engine.

Fram filters have a thin filtration system. Dust and other fine elements cannot be held back by the thin filtration system, allowing them to penetrate your car’s engine.

The quality of the materials used on the oil filter is inferior. For instance, the end cap is made of cardboard which does not last long.

Generally, Fram distributes sub-par oil filters, so you have to avoid their filters.

2. Frantz

The Frantz Filter Company was founded in 1953 by John Frantz. Frantz filters became a popular product for filtering vehicle oil all over the world.

Frantz Company was sold to Lubrication Specialties, Inc. (LSI) in 2014 after 61 years of operation as an oil filter manufacturing brand.

LSI is the company behind Hot Shot’s Secret product line, which concentrates on diesel engine issues.

Although this brand was formerly known for its quality and value, the reputation was hugely destroyed once the primary firm sold it to another. The oil filters currently produced by Franz are mostly likened to a toilet paper roll.

The filters constitute only two oil lines and a canister with a changeable element. The quality is generally insufficient to do the job of oil filtration in your engine correctly.

According to popular belief, the Franz filter was made out of a chrome-plated container that carried a toilet paper roll that functioned as the filter.

Added drawbacks include poor design and build, which results in the formation of holes, implying that Frantz filters have a short lifespan.

3.  Supertech Oil Filters

Supertech oil filters have both paper and steel cover filters. The brand uses parts similar to Fram filters, which means the two filters operate the same way.

Why should you avoid Supertech oil filters?

The oil level rising up the filter is among the most common issues cited. The issue could result from clogging of the filters that allow oil to bypass.

Damaged bypass valves are among the main concern. Certain bypass filters named ‘clicker’ bypass valves are typically difficult to work with.

The filters are susceptible to rust. Rusting leads to leakage, which results in a compromised engine with a short lifespan.

The filters are made of poor-quality materials. You may observe oil splashes on the engine when you reach 5,000 miles due to the poor quality.

4. Motorcraft Oil Filters

Ford Motor Company launched the Motorcraft segment in the 1950s. The Ford company collaborates with Purolator Filters LLC to make the Motorcraft oil filters.

The main issue with Motorcraft oil filters is quality control. The brand possibly sells used filters since they are often damaged.

Customers complain of several defects, such as broken parts, which renders the filters unreliable for everyday use.

Some users have also complained about the oil change light coming sooner than the recommended oil mileage.

5. Astrofilters

Size is the most significant disadvantage of Astrofilters. They are far too large to fit in any vehicle.

As a result, oil spills and leaks become a problem. Additionally, the need to maintain the filters after completing the shortest distance will undoubtedly upset you.

You might not be able to know how clogged your filter is because of the bulkiness, and the quality does not match the price either.

6. Purolator

Purolator is an oil and air filter manufacturing company situated in North Carolina. 

Purolator became a division of Mann+Hummel, a German filter manufacturing company, in 2013. The Purolator Company began its operations of making and supplying oil filters in the 1920s.

Car owners may use them for roughly 15000 miles before the need to repair the engine or specific sections of its system arise.

The issue with these filters is that they become polluted with dirt from within that passes through the filter.

Although they are cheaper than most competitors, the performance of the filters is not suitable if your goal is a reliable, long-lasting filter.

Often, buyers claim the filter media has holes; thus, the oil is not properly filtered.

This would most likely result in a build-up of particles in the oil, hastening engine deterioration.

7. Manufacturer Brands

Most automobile manufacturers make oil filters mainly designed to fit products in their line and tailored to their engines.

Most car owners discourage using manufacturer brands because of their high prices compared to other filters.

You may pay more for less in terms of quality in most cases, mainly because of the brand name.

In other words, you can get an oil filter from other brands that offer quality, efficiency, and convenience at a pocket-friendly price.

8. Pentius

Pentius is an Automotive Parts company based in California. The company focuses on the manufacture of oil and air filters. 

Pentius filters are not suitable for modern automobiles. The filters mainly fit old model vehicles such as Ford and GM.

Some users observed that the rubber gasket and valve on the oil filters deteriorate over time due to heat exposure.

Additionally, the Pentius filters cannot keep up with the excessive oil flow because the bypass is made of plastic.

The coil springs are flimsy and tend to break or become damaged.

Users have also complained regarding the filter’s bad threads, which don’t allow for perfect fit and, as a result, lead to oil leakages.

9. Premium Engine Protection Cartridge Oil Filter

Most oil filter manufacturers offer you filtration of up to 10,000 miles without oil changes which is not the case with Premium Engine Protection Cartridge.

The Premium filters need an oil change every 5000 miles; thus, they are a costly option if your goal is to have a budget-friendly filter.

10. PG Extended Life Oil Filter

Premium Guard Inc. (PGI) started its operations in the automotive industry in 1996. The company manufactures and supplies filters for cars and trucks.

The main issue with PG filters is that it is not suitable for some vehicles. A PG oil filter may not work for you if you have a range rover sports car or land rover.

Apart from the limitation of use on some automobiles, users also complain that the filters do not work well with gasoline engines.

11. Borg & Beck Oil Filter

The oil filter manufacturer Borg & Beckoil filters are meant to meet OE criteria and be simple to install, however they don’t seem to fit the cars for which they are designed for.

Multiple users claim incompatible threads, filter dimensions, and diameter. It isn’t that the filter is especially affordable, but if you drain the old oil and lube the new oil filter only to discover that it doesn’t fit, your vehicle will be inoperable until a suitable replacement can be installed.

12. Baldwin Oil Filter

The Baldwin is not inherently a shit product, but its marketing and application information are virtually nonexistent.

Other than the fact that it is a full-flow filter,  spin-on and its dimensions, we know very little about the usage. One user placed it on a 2002 5.3 Silverado, while the other one installed it on a Yanmar tractor.

Best Oil Filters Brands

The Fram Tough Guard TG10060 Oil Filter is designed to deliver excellent engine protection and enhanced engine performance. This oil filter features a high-efficiency media that provides outstanding filtration and increased flow for improved performance. It also has a durable construction that resists warping and leaking. Additionally, this oil filter has an anti-drain back valve that prevents dry starts and helps to extend oil life.

K&N’s Premium Oil Filter is designed to protect your engine by trapping up to 99% of harmful contaminants before they can enter your engine. The filter’s media is expertly engineered to trap small particles while allowing high oil flow rates. K&N’s pleated media provides high surface area to ensure maximum filtering efficiency and protection. This premium oil filter also features a heavy-duty construction that can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

The Wix 57060 XP Oil Filter is a great choice for those looking for an oil filter that can provide them with the protection they need. This oil filter has been designed to meet the needs of those who drive in extreme conditions and need an oil filter that can keep up. The Wix 57060 XP Oil Filter is able to do this by providing a high level of filtration and by being able to withstand the rigors of driving in extreme conditions. TheOil Filter is also a great choice for those who are looking for an oil filter that is easy to install. This oil filter is very easy to install and does not require any special tools or techniques. This makes it a great choice for those who are not mechanically inclined or for those who do not have the time to install an oil filter.

The Mobil 1 M1-110A Extended Performance Oil Filter has been designed to offer outstanding protection and extended oil filter life. This oil filter has a high-efficiency media that helps to trap contaminants before they can enter your engine. The synthetic blend media is designed for high capacity and efficiency, and the filter also features an internal pressure relief valve that helps to maintain proper oil flow during cold starts. The durable canister construction of this oil filter helps to prevent leaks, and the filter also includes a silicone anti-drainback valve that helps to keep oil in the filter when the engine is shut off. This oil filter is compatible with conventional and synthetic motor oils, and it can be used with all types of vehicles.

The Motorcraft & OEM oil filters are designed to work in harmony with your car’s engine, providing superior protection and performance. These filters offer excellent filtration, trapping up to 99% of contaminants while still allowing adequate oil flow to keep your engine well-lubricated. The filters are available for most makes and models, so you can be sure to find the right one for your car. They’re also easy to change, so you can do it yourself – no need to take your car to a mechanic. Simply follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Conclusion On Oil Filter Brands to Avoid

Before purchasing an oil filter for your car, it is vital to be aware of some of the oil filter brands to avoid and why you should avoid them.

Always consider the quality of materials used to make the oil filter of your choice as they determine the product’s durability.

When it comes to car parts, ‘cheap is expensive,’ meaning some of the cheaper options may adversely affect your automobile’s general performance.

Considering filters have such a significant impact on the longevity of your engine, you ought to be extra cautious when purchasing one for your vehicle.

Now that I have provided you with a review of several brands to avoid, you will have a relatively easy time deciding.

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