Should I Replace All Ignition Coils at Once

Should I Replace All Ignition Coils at Once

Ignition coils are a type of induction coils that are used in internal combustion engines to provide the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture. They are typically composed of two cylindrical coils of wire wrapped around a common iron core. The primary coil is wound with a relatively low number of turns of heavy wire, … Read more

Problems after Cleaning Throttle Body (CAUSES and FIXES)

Problems after Cleaning Throttle Body

The throttle body is an important component of the engine, and it needs to be cleaned periodically to prevent a buildup of dirt and debris. A dirty throttle body can cause the engine to run poorly and can lead to decreased fuel economy. However, with all these problems, you may encounter some issues even after … Read more

Does A Manual Transmission Have A Torque Converter?

Does A Manual Transmission Have A Torque Converter?

No, a manual transmission does not have a torque converter. Instead, it uses a clutch to engage and disengage the engine from the transmission. This allows the engine to spin at a different speed than the transmission, which is necessary when starting from a stop or shifting gears. Torque converter is typically used in automatic … Read more

Why Are Truck Drivers Angry and So Aggressive on the Road?

Why Are Truck Drivers Angry and So Aggressive on the Road?

Truck drivers have a lot of responsibility when they are on the road. They need to be aware of their surroundings and make sure that they are following the rules of the road. Unfortunately, some truck drivers do not always adhere to these guidelines. This can often lead to accidents and other dangerous situations. Everyone … Read more

Best Time to Drive through Atlanta: Tips to Avoid Traffic Congestion

Best Time to Drive through Atlanta

Traffic can be inconvenient, especially when you have plans or an emergency. It can be tough to avoid traffic because it is mostly very inconsistent hence unpredictable. Sometimes, anything can happen, like an accident, even when you least expect traffic. However, to avoid rushing and being held up by traffic, it is best to plan … Read more

Problems after Using Cataclean? Does It Really Work?

Problems after Using Cataclean?

If you have an older car, you understand that the catalytic converter wears out, decreasing your vehicle’s performance. If you are looking for something to improve your car’s efficiency, you can get a bottle of cataclean to help you reduce emissions and then enhance your car’s performance. The great thing about cataclean is that it … Read more

How Long Can You Drive On a Tire with Fix-a-Flat?


Flat tires happen often and can inconvenience any car owner. They are inevitable, and most drivers detest flat tires and will do anything to avoid them. One of the ways to temporarily fix flat tires is using fix-a-flat.  So, how long can you drive on a tire with fix-a-flat? You can drive your car for … Read more