Best Time to Drive through Atlanta: Tips to Avoid Traffic Congestion

Traffic can be inconvenient, especially when you have plans or an emergency. It can be tough to avoid traffic because it is mostly very inconsistent hence unpredictable. Sometimes, anything can happen, like an accident, even when you least expect traffic.

However, to avoid rushing and being held up by traffic, it is best to plan your trip prior. You can be ready an hour or two to be sure even if traffic holds you; you will be able to arrive in time. You will avoid being late for appointments, and it will also save you a lot of trouble.

So, is there a best time to drive through Atlanta?

The best time would be before 6 am and after 7 am. Generally, if you are traveling to the Northside, it would be best to go on the Northern side of Atlanta to avoid morning traffic. If traveling to the south, it would be best to go on the southern side of Atlanta to avoid the morning traffic.

Also, note that there is no specific time you can be very confident, but you can always consider traveling when only a few people are expected to travel.

Avoid Driving on Monday in Atlanta due To Traffic Congestion

On Mondays, people go back to work and school for the weekly routine after relaxing on the weekend, so in Atlanta, you are likely to encounter traffic congestion on Mondays.

However, it does not mean that Mondays are the only days of the week with the worst traffic. So, if you want to save time, go with routes that avoid leaving or coming downtown in peak hours, that is, at around 6 -10 am  in the morning hours and around 3 pm-7 pm in the evening.

The Time with Most Traffic Congestion: Friday Evening

Friday nights start getting worse traffic in Atlanta when people start driving back home after work. Thus, evening rush hours can last until around 8 pm, and speed starts returning to normal.

Best Day to Drive through Atlanta: Sunday and Thursday

If you want to enjoy open roads with the least traffic in Atlanta, you can drive on Sunday in the afternoon hours.

It would also be best to avoid holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas because people are either traveling to visit their families or going back home. However, if you have to travel on such holidays, plan your journey prior and have extra hours so that traffic does not inconvenience you.

Thursday is the least congested time if you drive through Atlanta when speed speeds peak around the afternoon or lunch hour. There are only a few individuals on the road, so you will not have to worry about congestion or traffic when people leave work.

At the same time, if it is crucial and you have to drive during rush hour, you can decide to commute before or after the rush hour when there is less congestion.

Also, if you have a trip and are planning to travel through Atlanta in the off-peak hours, it is best to check for any signs on the road or any construction. Such can lead to road closure and change traffic when you least expect in the city.

Fortunately, Google maps give live traffic, so you would take advantage of them and know what you are expecting on the road.

Best Time to Drive through Atlanta

If you are looking for the perfect time to drive through Atlanta, it is most probably where there are not any significant events happening.

If that does not help, you can check Google maps for traffic updates or check the Georgia Department of Transportation Traffic Center. They will keep you updated about traffic, and you will also get updates when there are road closures due to road construction which might affect traffic on specific routes.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has a Hot Map to show current traffic speeds all over the city; it will assist when you plan routes around slow regions.

5 Tips on how to drive through Atlanta

Over the years, Atlanta’s population has exploded, which has resulted in many drivers and car owners on the road in busy hours.

Whether you are new in the city or you grew up in Atlanta, it can be tough to commute through the roads during the rush hour.

Are you having trouble navigating through Atlanta and would love to move like a pro?

Here are tips to guide you.

Get a Traffic App

If you want to find out the traffic situation and plan before you leave home, the best way is to use a traffic app.

An app like the WSB-TV traffic app has all the current data about roads. You can also use Waze to know the best route for you. Waze uses crowdsourced information from drivers who are on the road and can help you locate the best and quickest route to your destination.

It can also help you change your path if it finds a better path once you are on your way. It is excellent because it will alert you if any roadblocks might increase traffic.

Avoid Travelling on the Inside Right Lane

Most inside right lanes on Atlanta roads turn to exit-only routes, and you might not get a notice before it happens.

If you are stuck on such lanes, you will not have a choice but to get off the freeway in a route that you are not familiar with and then start finding your way back on the road.

Therefore, it would be best to remain on the middle lanes until you are specific when your exit is coming; that way, you will be much better and avoid any inconvenience.

Be Patient

Traffic can be bad, but just like you, every other person on the road is stuck, so be patient.

It would be best to understand that you will arrive at your destination at the end of the day. However, if you want to avoid many hassles, plan your trip ahead of time and have an hour or two hours extra time just in case you find traffic.

While in traffic, you can also listen to the radio or your favorite music collection to avoid getting bored and impatient.

Avoid Rush Hour

If you want to avoid the stress of congested traffic, it is good to understand the rush hours in Atlanta.

Rush hour starts at around 4 am and can go to about 10 am; however, the worst traffic is at around 6 to 7 am in the morning. The worst traffic starts at around 3:30 pm to about 7:30 pm in the evening.

So, if you don’t want to get stuck in congested traffic, it would be best to note the worse hours and avoid them if you can.

Stay Alert

When you are on the road, it is crucial to remember that you are not the only traveler.

It is good to be alert when in stop-and-go traffic because minor accidents happen, especially when you stop paying attention to those around you.

It will also help if you keep a reasonable distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you to have enough time to stop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Best Time to Drive through Atlanta on I 75

I would say weekday, during midday. It would be best to practice patience down there. If you are two or more in the vehicle, use the HOV lane on 1-75 via the city.

IMO is also the most stress-free way to get through Atlanta during rush hours.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Drive Through Atlanta GA?

The best time to get through Atlanta would be around 12–1 pm. You can also go at about 0400 before other early travelers.

Is Atlanta Hard To Drive Through?

The roads in Atlanta are marked perfectly but driving through is not an easy task.

Interstates 75 and 85 go via the city from North to South, and 285 circles the city.

Does Interstate 75 Go Through Atlanta, Georgia?

Interstate 75 (1-75) in Georgia goes North-South along the U.S.

Route 41 (US41) in the state’s central part travels via the cities of Macon, Valdosta, and Atlanta. Also, it is designated as State Route 401 (SR 401).

On Best Time to Drive through Atlanta

Bad traffic is a hassle in Atlanta if you are in a hurry. Therefore, it is best to plan your trip and leave earlier if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic for hours.

It will also help if you know the best time to drive through Atlanta, especially when there are no significant activities or avoid the rush hours. You can use traffics apps like Waze to alert you on traffic and any changes on your route.

However, if you plan and still find yourself in traffic or get around in a rush hour, practice patience and remain alert. Ensure you also keep your distance from the car in front of you to avoid minor accidents when traffic opens or when you have to move ahead.

Most importantly, be nice to other road users and travel safely.

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