How Many Gallons Does a Toyota Camry Hold

The Toyota Camry ranks among the best vehicles in this world of midsized sedans due to its quiet cabin, easy-to-use controls, comfortable ride, and excellent fuel economy.

Most people fancy the Toyota Camry since it is a car that will be with you through the great and bad times.

It does not get in your way and allows you to experience a fantastic driving experience and live your life to the fullest!

According to a recent study done by J.D. Power and other associates, Toyota Camry was categorized as the most reliable automobile in the last three years; it was not a surprise to many car owners since Toyota Camry is quite a dependable vehicle.

In more than 35,000 car owners who gave their feedback during the survey, it was noted that Toyota Camry has the minor challenges per 100 cars.

At the same time, Toyota Camry has been vouched as one of the automobiles with the best fuel economy.

But how many gallons does a Toyota Camry hold?

Well, the 2022 standard model of the Toyota Camry holds about 15.8 gallons of the fuel tank.

Do you want to find out more details the Toyota Camry?

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How Many Gallons Does Toyota Camry Hold?

For its standard model, this Camry holds 15.8 gallons of gas fuel.

However, because there is variety of 2022 Camry models, they are likely to contain different capacities of fuel tank so as to ensure they function more consistently.

Every 2022 model of Camry with an FWD has a fuel tank capacity of 15.8-gallons; while the 2022 Camry model with All-wheel holds 14.3 gallons.

If you like the Hybrid model, it holds a capacity of 13.2 gas tanks.

Check the table below for more details;


Trim Levels Gas Tank Size MPG
XSE Hybrid 13.2 Gallons  47 Highway

44 City

XLE V6 15.80 (Gallons)  33 Highway; 22 City
SE Nightshade Edition 15.8 Gallons (FWD) 14.3 Gallons (AWD) 28 City, 39 Highway (FWD)

34 Highway (AWD)

25 City

XLE Hybrid 13.20 – Gallons  47 Highway

44 City

TRD 15.80 – Gallons 22 City; 31 Highway
SE Hybrid Nightshade Edition 13.20 – Gallons 44 City, 47 Highway
XSE V6 15.80 – Gallons 22 City; 33 Highway
XLE 14.30 Gallons (AWD);

15.80 – Gallons (FWD)

34 Highway (AWD)

27 City;

25 City 38 Highway (FWD)

SE Hybrid 13.20 – Gallons 47 Highway

44 City

XSE 14.30 Gallons (AWD);

15.80 Gallons (FWD);

27 City,

38 Highway (FWD)25 City,

34 Highway AWD

How Far can a Camry Go on Empty?

You can go approximately 42 miles on empty.

When you are driving a new Toyota Camry model powered by gasoline, you will drive an estimate of about 42 miles while the gauge of your car is showing empty.

However, you should note the distance your car will drive on empty or rather when your car gauge points the “E” depends on many factors.

The factors include your vehicle model year, driving conditions, the type of the engine, and the condition of your car at that specific time.

In this regard, if you are behind the wheel of a new Toyota Camry, it is estimated that you are likely to drive about 42 miles on average while your car gauge points to the empty.

Please note that 42 miles is only an average, meaning you can cover a longer distance, or your car will cover less and won’t reach that far.

With that in mind, I would advise you to fuel your vehicle when you reach the nearest gas station after your car gauge shows empty.

It would ensure you don’t take a chance and you will reach your destination with less worry of your car stopping before you even cover the estimated miles after going on empty.

It will also help if you don’t wait until your car shows empty to start refueling your car and avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

So, refuel your car more often and ensure it is half-full, so you don’t take chances and get stressed through your drive.

When you drive on empty, you risk being stranded in the middle of nowhere, and worse, you could damage your car.

 When you are driving your car, and it is very low on fuel, it means that your fuel pump will try to pull any fuel it can get, and if the fuel runs out, it might end up pulling the debris leading to damage to the fuel pump and the entire engine.

If you damage your engine or the fuel pump, it is likely to cost you a lot in repairs or replacement.

So, the best thing is to be very cautious and refuel your vehicle when you can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many gallons does a Toyota Camry 2016 hold?

Your Toyota Camry holds EPA mileage estimated at 25/35 mpg, and it has a fuel tank capacity of about 17.0 gallons and 425.0/ 595.0 range in miles.

Which gas is best for Toyota Camry?

Most recent engines have sensors that look after pre-ignition and help to reduce the damages. However, you find a slight chance, so the point is; that it is advisable to stick to 87 octane which is efficient for Toyota Camry.

Does Toyota Camry require premium gas?

No! Although you can still put the premium gas in your Toyota Camry, it is unnecessary.

Also, Toyota recommends using unleaded gasoline, which has a minimal octane with an 87 rating.

What year is Camry most reliable?

Primarily, the Toyota Camry is famous for its elegant yet simple design, which is perfectly organized to ensure reliability.

Also, most models of Toyota Camry are respectable and are relatively affordable due to their pocket-friendly costs.

However, if you are looking for the most reliable models of Toyota Camry, I would say it is the 2013- 2015 models; they have great reviews and are the most reliable, proven by the statistics and ratings.

On How Many Gallons Does Toyota Camry Hold?

Toyota Camry is one of the most fantastic cars.  You get a lot because of its fantastic features, like excellent fuel economy and comfortable ride. It also has a quiet cabin and is also easy to use.

If you are concerned about its capacity, the standard model of Toyota Camry holds 15.8 gallons.

However, since there are varieties of models of the 2022 Toyota Camry, they are likely to have different fuel tank capacities to function more consistently.

Another excellent benefit you get from driving the Toyota Camry is that if you are running out of fuel and away from gasoline station, you can still drive approximately 42 miles on empty.

However, it is good to avoid driving when on empty; this is because your fuel pump will try to pull any fuel it can get, and if the fuel runs out, it might pull the debris leading to damage to the fuel pump and the entire engine.

Therefore, refuel your car often and do not wait for your vehicle to go empty on fuel unless you are away from the gasoline station.

At the same time, ensure regular check-ups and maintenance. That way, it will make your Toyota Camry car last longer, and you will enjoy its service.

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