Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Coming Out: Causes and Fixes

The windshield wiper fluid is an essential component of your car. It cleans dirt from the windshield giving you a clear and a better view. A clear windshield ensures you are safe on the streets.

Therefore, if your windshield wiper fluid is not coming out, it will be dangerous for you and other passengers.

Some of the primary reasons your windshield wiper fluid is not coming out include;

  • Your nozzle might be clogged
  • The fluid is dirty
  • There is no washer fluid
  • The fluid might be frozen
  • Check the power
  • Blown washer pump fuse

To drive safely, the wiper fluid helps to clean the windscreen. Sometimes the fluid might fail to come out.

Is your windshield wiper fluid not coming out? This article will help you understand the causes and fix the problem.

Reasons Why Windshield Wiper Fluid Is Not Coming Out

Is your windshield wiper fluid not coming out? Here are the reasons

1. No Wiper Fluid

If your windshield washer fluid is not coming out, you should first check to ensure the washer fluid reservoir isn’t empty. The liquid might not be coming because there is no fluid left, and you have exhausted everything.

Some vehicles send signals when the windshield fluid is almost exhausted. Other cars don’t send the warnings, so you will have to check the reservoir manually.


If the windshield fluid is used up, refill it. You can purchase the correct windshield fluid from the market.

Windshield wiper fluid is one of the crucial automobile fluids. It ensures your windscreen is clean and enables you to have a clear vision of the road when it is rainy or snowing.

However, if your windshield wiper fluid is not coming out even after refilling, there could be another problem like a clogged nozzle.

2. Clogged Nozzle

If, after refilling your windshield fluid reservoir to the fullest, the fluid still does not come out, then the nozzle is clogged.

It indicates that the pump cannot push the washer fluid via the nozzle or the hose to your windshield. If your nozzle is clogged, do not panic, you can quickly unclog it in just a few minutes.


You will need compressed air and a sewing needle or a nozzle needle

The first step to unclogging the nozzle is using compressed air to blow any forms of dirt away.

Here, you will hold a can of compressed air and spray the clog till it becomes loose. Compressed air will protect the nozzles from clogging if used more often.

The other process of fixing the clogged nozzle is using a nozzle or sewing needle.

If you decide to use a sewing needle, ensure it is small but bigger than the nozzle hole.

Using a nozzle needle will enable you to clear the clog by pulling out any debris that might have caused the clog.

3. Blown Washer Pump Fuse

The fuse helps prevent shorts and electricity overload to your vehicle’s electrical accessories, hence guarding them.

In this regard, if the fuse blows, the windshield wiper fluid will not come out. Most cars have two fuse boxes located beneath the hood, and the other fuse box is near the passenger’s side of the dashboard.

If you break the fuse, it is possible to fix it in just a few minutes.


In this process, you will need; test light, a fuse for replacement and a fuse puller.

Here are the steps to fixing blown washer pump fuse

Find the blown fuse

You can find the blown fuse using a test light or a circuit tester. It is easy to locate the blown fuse if your car has a test light, but a circuit tester can also help.

Please take out the blown fuse and change it with a new fuse of the same amp rating. It means that if your blown fuse was 15 amp, you should replace it with a 15 amp fuse from the auto parts store.

If the replaced fuse also blows, ensure you change a component in the circuit with another compatible that has a similar rating as to your fuse.

Test again

Attach the wiper fluid back and turn the wipers on. Spray a little liquid to ensure that everything is now working correctly.

If it works, perfect. However, if nothing is coming out of the spray pump, you should now carefully inspect the spray pump.

4. Faulty Washer Pump Motor

The fluid pump connects to the fluid reservoir. So, the pump might fail to work, meaning that you will hear when the motor runs, but no fluid is coming out.

To fix the faulty washer pump motor, you will need a test light and washer pump motor.


It would help to locate the washer pump at the reservoir’s bottom.

Now attach the test light clip back. It would be best if you had another person turn the washer nozzles on and probe the connector’s back on the pump.

If you verify the power supply, you should replace your washer pump.

5. The Fluid Might Be Frozen

If your windshield wiper fluid is not coming out during cold weather, it might be because the liquid is frozen. Most of the time, water freezes at 32 degrees.

Since the wiper fluid is also a solvent that contains water, it is likely to freeze in cold weather.


If your wiper fluid is frozen and does not come out, ensure you warm up your car so that the liquid can come out.

6. Power Problems

Many electrical-related issues can prevent wiper fluid from coming out.

For instance, the fluid cannot come out when your car does not supply power to the windshield pump.


The electrical issue can be a bit challenging; hence, look for an expert to assist you in checking your vehicle’s electrical system. An expert will diagnose whether the electrical issue is the cause for the wiper fluid not coming out.

How Do I Know If My Windshield Washer Pump is bad?

Some of the most popular signs of a lousy washer pump include;

1. Washer Fluid Not Spraying Evenly

When you press a button to activate the washer fluid, it should evenly spray the windshield.

If the fluid does not spray evenly, there is blocking of nozzles, or the washer pump is not functioning fully.

When the pump starts to wear out, it will slow the pressure or volume of fluid. If you notice this sign, get a mechanic to check your pump and nozzles and repair any issue immediately.

2. There is No Fluid Spraying onto the Windshield.

The windshield wiper fluid will not come out if the reservoir is empty.

Therefore, it would be best to check the washer fluid once every week. Ensure that your reservoir is always more than 50% complete; it will reduce burnout and decrease wear out.

To ensure you don’t forget to check the fluid, always open the hood to check wiper fluid at every gas refill. Most gas station also sells wiper fluid, so it will be easy to refill your reservoir too.

3. Failure of the Pump to Engage When Activating the System

If you press the button and fail to hear a distinctive sound and realize no fluid spraying, it means the pump is not getting power.

Investigate the pump’s fuse to check if it’s burnt and change it immediately when this happens to you. However, if you realize the fuse has no-fault, look for an expert to change the windshield wiper pump.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Windshield Washer Pump?

Before a mechanic removes the pump to replace it, they should test it. It will ensure the customer does not incur unwanted costs of replacing it.

Here is a table showing a comparison of windshield washer pump replacement costs;

Labour Warrant Cost Garages
Parts Limited $28-$72  Walmart
Parts  and Labour 24 months $75-$208  NAPA
Parts Limited $31-$99  Amazon
Parts and Labour 12 months $78-$204  Midas
Parts and work 12 months $81-$245  Mr. Tire
Parts and work 12 months $72-$215  Your mechanic


Below is a sample of costs for replacing windshield washer pump;

Model Labor Parts Total
Toyota Corolla $70-$89 $31-$54 $101-$143
Honda Accord $70-$89 $38-$46 $108-$135
Chevrolet Silverado  $132-$167  $33-$62  $165-$229
Honda CR-V $70-$89 $40-$46 $110-$135
Ford Fusion $70-$89 $29-$56 $99-$145
Ford F-Series $70-$89 $29-$56 $99-$145
Toyota Camry $52-$67 $41-$75 $93-$142
Honda Civic $70-$89 $36-$48 $106-$137
Nissan Altima $44-$56 $31-$59 $75-$115
Ford Focus $70-$89 $28-$46 $98-$135

Final Thoughts on Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Coming Out

It is not a big deal to some people when the wiper fails to work. However, when ignored, it can be dangerous. So, if your windshield wiper fluid is not coming out, you should seek to know the cause and fix it immediately.

Wiper fluid helps clean dust, dirt and ice from the windscreen hence giving drivers a clear visual of the road. Having a great visualization ensures safety on the road.

Therefore, as soon as you notice windshield wiper fluid not coming out, check the cause and fix it immediately with the tips above. If technical, you can call for an expert to diagnose and fix it or do any replacements necessary.

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