How to Remove Double Sided Tape from Car

As a car owner, you are likely to have faced the challenge of duct tape, stickers, and other materials on your car. Most often, these materials interfere with the aesthetics of your car because they leave a very heavy residue.

Alternatively, the residue could result from degraded rubber on your car; it is good to ensure you remove it when it happens. Removing it can be tricky, and sometimes the double-sided tape is likely to be left on the surface.

Are you struggling with removing 3m adhesives? Do you want to learn how to remove the double-sided tape from the car?

Well, you can use a heat gun to apply heat on the tape for some time until it falls; you can also use a caramel wheel and keep it at a slow speed holding it on the top until the top wears off slowly and leave no mark; lastly, you can use wet towel and iron.

Do you want to learn more? This article explains the tricks of removing double-sided tape from your car.

So, read on to find out more!

What is 3M Double Sided Tape?

3M tape is made of adhesives which are sensitive to pressure on both sides and they allow the two components to stay together via the tape.

The carrier that holds the glue together might be as small as a tenth of a millimeter or as large as thick foam that helps dampen vibrations.

At the same time, 3M tapes may be tailored to specific requirements, ranging from low tack for repositioning to permanent bonding.

A 3m sided tape with a carrier is likely to have the same adhesive on both sides. It is also possible to customize double-sided tapes using a converter to achieve the precise and your desired final design.

How to Remove Double-Sided Tape from Car

When removing the double-sided tape, it is best to be careful so that you don’t cause more damage to your car. The tape could be on your car’s door, rain guard or even on number plates.

Here are three methods that will help you to remove the double-sided tape;

1.  Use a Heat Gun

You can use a heat gun to remove the double-sided tape; if you don’t have one, get it from your local hardware shop or order from Amazon.

Here are the steps to help you use the heat gun;

  • Apply the heat gun- With the heat gun in your hand, you will point it at the double-sided tape and then fire it up; this makes the tape a bit lose. It will also weaken and deteriorate adhesive properties, and it will be easy for you to remove the tape from your car’s surface.

Now go ahead and pull out the tape residue portions using your hands. The heat gun will have weakened the adhesives, making it easy to pull the residue portions.

  • Repeat the Process- When using the heat gun, ensure you do the process in intervals. In the first seconds, use the heat gun, then run the residue from the car surface using your hand or panel tools. Keep repeating the process until you ensure you have removed all the tape.

Precautions when using Heat Gun

Don’t hold the heat gun at the same location for longer periods because if you do, the location will be harmed by the heat, and you can even injure yourself.

Therefore, it is good to be careful when using the heat gun because if you don’t use it correctly, it can do more harm than good to your car.

2. Use a Caramel Wheel

You will need a caramel wheel (decal removers) and a drill machine for this method.

Here are the steps to using a caramel wheel;

  • Set up the Caramel Wheel- after removing the caramel from its packaging, you will see an opening. Insert the drill in that opening and screw it into the drilling machine. The speed of the machine depends on the tape’s state.

For instance, if the tape is very hard, set a bit higher or medium pace, but if the tape is not hard or damp, ensure you set the pace at the slowest.

  • Application of the Caramel Wheel- apply the caramel wheel on the dry tape in short bursts and ensure you constantly check if the tape is coming off or not; from time to time, try to pull the tape with your hands.

You should note that you can destroy the car paint if the tape is coming off and you don’t see it, so ensure you are cautious and vigilant.

Precautions when using a caramel wheel

Ensure you hold the wheel against the tape until it comes off, and avoid setting the drill at very high paces.

If the tapes are on paint, ensure you are vigilant and be very slow to avoid damaging them and costing in repairing.

3. Use an Iron and a Damp towel.

This procedure is one of the most straightforward.

Here, you will need to heat the iron up to its maximum temperature, press it on the tape for two or three seconds then rub the tape using a damp towel.

Repeat the same procedure until all the tape comes off your car.

How to Remove Marks Left 3M Double Sided Tape

After removing the double-sided tape, check out for any marks left. You are likely to notice them if they are near your rain guard or the license plate.

If you spot them, do not panic, you can easily remove them using any cleaner you have for this procedure; for instance, you can use brake cleaner.

Follow these simple steps;

Put the brake cleaner on a cloth and rub it gently on the parts where you can see the tape marks. Sometimes, it might not be just as simple as you perceive it so, use a little more energy.

After cleaning, use another piece of cloth and pour clean water on it; then rub it through the areas you had cleaned earlier.

Ensure you clean it immediately after using the cleaner. It is not right to leave the cleaner on your for a long time because it is likely to discolour the paint if you have used it on paint.

By so doing, you will have removed the double-sided tape and cleaned any marks that might have been left when taking off the tape.

On How to Remove Double-Sided Tape from Car

If you notice 3D adhesive either from duct tape, stickers and other kinds of same materials in your car, it is possible to remove it yourself. It is also best to remove the double-sided tape as soon as you notice it so that it does not damage the aesthetics of your car or leave much residue.

So, how do you remove the double-sided tape from a car? As elaborated in this article, you can use a heat gun, caramel wheel or iron and a damp towel.

In addition, ensure you clean any marks left after removing the double-sided tape using a cleaner of your choice and a clean piece of cloth.

Whichever method you choose to remove the 3D adhesive, it is best to follow the steps and take the right precautions.

It will prevent you from damaging your vehicle or harming yourself.


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