Can You Push Start an Automatic Car With A Dead Battery?

Today, most vehicles have automatic transmissions. They are the best to drive around towns because of traffic and many stops.

But have you wondered what happens in case the car stops on a busy road?

What do you do when your car doesn’t switch on?

With a manual car, you get someone to push your car until it gains momentum and start your engine, and you are good to go.

But can you do just that to start an automatic car? I mean, is it possible to push-start an automatic car?

Well, you cannot push start an automatic car because they have open clutches.

So, what happens when your automatic car battery dies? There are many options; you can either jump-start your battery, call for roadside assistance, or a tow truck.

This article gives clear and detailed tips on what to do in situations like this.

Can You Push Start an Automatic Car

No, it is not possible to push-start an automatic car.

Simply because you cannot push start automatic cars does not mean they are a terrible option. No, far from that, in this day and age, automated vehicles are the perfect deal.

They ensure you sail through the town’s heavy traffic and a lot of stops smoothly without having to change gears constantly.

Regardless of the type of transmission, whether manual or automatic, drivers are likely to face the challenge of a dead battery.

In this regard, you can push start your manual car and revive your dead battery.

You only need someone to move your vehicle as you engage the clutch until it gains momentum and you are good to go.

However, when the battery of an automatic car dies, you cannot push start the vehicle.

Vehicles with automatic transmissions have an open clutch.

The automated car driver cannot engage the clutch as people help them push the car like drivers using manual vehicles do.  

Thus, it is not possible to push-start an automatic vehicle.

Therefore, if you are driving an automatic vehicle, you need to jumpstart it in case of a dead battery.

How Do You Jump start an Automatic Car

Since you cannot push start an automatic car, the best option to revive your battery is jumpstart your vehicle.

To jumpstart your automatic car, you need to get booster cables.

As a driver, booster cables are something you should have, but if you don’t have them when your battery dies, another driver is likely to have them so you can borrow from them.

If you don’t want the hassle, get your pair online now on Amazon.

However, when getting the jumper cables, ensure it does not have a higher voltage rating than your car’s battery.

Most cars have 12- volt batteries, so this is not much of an issue.


  • Before you start the process of jumpstarting your vehicle, ensure you switch off both cars. Check out the negative and positive sides.
  • Make sure you connect the red cable to the positive terminals of batteries of both vehicles.
  • Then connect the black cables to the negative terminals.

After connecting the jumper cables, now start the car. During this process, do not increase the speed of the working vehicle’s engine.

The process of recharging the battery should take thirty minutes or more.

After charging your car long enough and your car can crank, switch off the working car and try to start yours while the other one remains off.

If your car does not start, charge your better longer.

Luckily for you, if your car starts, great.

You can now disconnect the cables. You should also be careful while disconnecting, just as you did when connecting.

While the other car is still off, remove the positive red cable first, followed by the negative black cable.

At no point should the cables touch each other.

Wow! Just like that, your vehicle is back up, and you are good to go.

Still, feel like you are not ready and would love a visual demonstration? Follow this link on how to attach jumper cables correctly to jumpstart your car!

Alternative Ways to Jumpstart an Automatic Car with A Dead Battery

Is your automatic car battery dead, and you do not have booster cables?

There are still alternative ways to help you jumpstart your car.

1. Call for Roadside Assistance

Are you stranded with a dead battery? Roadside assistance is an excellent option, though sometimes costly. But you need help, and they are just a call away. Who wants to be stranded on the roadside anyway?

Roadside assistance will help you charge your battery and even get you a new one if you need to swap your vehicle’s battery.

The best thing about roadside assistance is that they will serve regardless of where you are.

2. Invest In a Portable Jump Starter

A portable jump starter is the best gadget to help you jumpstart your car. With a portable jump starter, you will not need help from other drivers, but you will do it independently.

If you purchase one, make sure you store it in your vehicle to use when the need arises.

However, this option will not help you if you find yourself already stranded without the gadget.

3. Get Your Vehicle Towed

Getting your car towed sounds like a great plan, especially when you have no booster cables or service to call.

The tow truck will help you get home or to the mechanic.

However, the tow truck drivers cannot assist you to jump start your battery.

Final Thoughts Push Start an Automatic Car

Automatic cars are great.

They ensure you sail through the town’s heavy traffic and a lot of stops smoothly without having to change gears constantly.

Unfortunately, you cannot push-start an automatic car with a dead battery. Only manual cars can push start because they use open clutches.

However, if your car battery is dead, you can jump start your automatic car, get it towed to the mechanic, call for road assistance or use a portable jump starter, as discussed in this article.

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